"You don't know what pressure ist until you play for 100 bucks with only 20 bucks in your pocket - lee trevino

Langes Spiel

  • "Imagine there was no flag on the green, where would you aim at? That's where you need to aim!"
  • "Tee the ball up on the side where the trouble is. This will help you to hit it away from it"
  • "If you stand underneath the ball, grip the club shorter than you think"
  • "Always use an intermediate target to aim properly. Choose a spot about a meter in front of the ball and aim your clubface towards it"
  • "If you are facing with an uphill shot, take a less lofted club, play the ball slightly left of the middle and get your shoulders parallel to the ground"
  • "If the ball is underneath your feet, bend from the waist down towards the ball. Don't bend your knees!"
  • "Try and hold the end position as long as possible on every swing you make"
  • "If you have a bad lie in the rough, take more loft, grip the club tighter, play the ball towards the back foot and keep your weight more on the front leg at address"
  • "When you address the ball, have your weight on the balls of your feet"
  • "Two things you should never do. Try to keep your head down as long as possible and hold the club like a tube of toothpaste"
  • "The lie determines the club selection, „NOT" the distance away from your target"
  • "Grip the club with the same amount of pressure in both hands"
  • "Look at the front side of your ball during the backswing when you are hitting an iron"
  • "If you turn your front foot towards the target, you will be able to clear your hips easier"
  • "When hitting a driver, never hit at the ball. Hit through it!"
  • "Rather stand open than closed with your feet at address"
  • "If you want to hit the ball low, swing slow while everything else is more left- ball, weight, hands etc."
  • "When you are playing in the rain, hang a dry towel inside your umbrella"
  • "When hitting a short iron, put more pressure on your front foot"
  • "Lift your whole left foot about an inch of the ground when you make a back swing. This will give you the sensation of how your weight transfer should feel like during the golf swing"
  • "When you are standing underneath the ball, open your clubface as well as your stance"
  • "Your dominant hand is also the same hand that dominates the golf swing"
  • "When you hit a shot of the ground, keep the shoulder more horizontal to improve your angle of attack"
  • "If the ball is lying down on the fairway, play the ball slightly towards the back foot and put more weight on the front foot"
  • "Feel the grip in all of your fingers on all shots"

Kurzes Spiel

  • "When reading a putt, do it from the hole back to the ball"
  • "If you have more fairway then green when faced with an approach shot, take a less lofted club and land the ball in front of the green"
  • "When you chip, always look at the spot where the ball has to land on. Don't look at the hole!"
  • "To improve your feel on the greens, practice looking at the hole while hitting your put"
  • "To hit the sand in front of the ball in the bunker, just dig your feet a couple of inches into the sand."
  • "When you are making practice strokes on the green, look at your target rather than the ball"
  • "The distance away from the target determines the size and intensity of the swing, the size and intensity of the swing does not determine the distance away from the target"
  • "Whenever you have a difficult stance around the green, move your front leg out of the way"
  • "Grip the club shorter for more feel around the greens"
  • "When facing with a slick downhill putt, hit the ball with a slow stroke on the toe of the putter"
  • "High hands for low shots and low hands for high shots around the green"
  • "Open your hips and stance when are hitting approach shots"
  • "Never look at the hole when you putt, always look at the spot where you are aiming at"
  • "When hitting out of a bunker, put more weight on the front foot and keep it there throughout the whole swing"
  • "Around the greens always check the lie first, then choose a spot where you want the ball to land and only after you have done that choose your club"
  • "If you have a good lie in the bunker, play the ball more towards the front foot and stand further away. If you have a bad lie, play the ball more towards the back foot and stand closer to the ball"


  • "If you are nervous, breath in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds and breath out for 4 seconds. This will slow your heartbeat down to normal again"
  • "It's very difficult to accept the result after a bad shot, it's a lot easier to accept the outcome of a shot before you've hit it"
  • "Before you hit your shot always ask yourself the following questions - What is my lie/stance like? How far do I want to hit the ball? Where do I want to aim at? Where is the wind coming from?"
  • "From whichever side the wind is coming from, tee the ball up on the opposite side of the tee box- wind from the left tee it up on the right, wind from the right tee it up on the left"
  • "Never think about what you did wrong after a bad shot, you don't know it anyway. Keep your mind clear and focus on the next shot"

Viel Erfolg!